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MoCo Mistake Rolls Millage Rate Back

A mistake in the PT32 form, which helps to calculate the county millage rate, has caused the Montgomery County Commissioners to agree to roll back the millage rate, which cancels the tax increase previously proposed.

Montgomery County Tax Commissioner Loretta Lane addressed the Montgomery County Commission to inform them of a mistake made in the form, which caused the millage rate calculations to be incorrect. “I let them know of the mistake so that plans could be made to correct the issue,” she commented on the situation.

According to County Manager Brandon Braddy, the mistake came when the 2021 millage rate was used in place of the 2022 millage rate for this year’s calculations, which caused some of the values on the Property Tax Digest and Five Year History of Levy Notice to be incorrect. “After finding this mistake, we realized that accepting the rollback rate would generate an additional $40,000 than what we previously thought,” continued from page

he explained. “The Commissioners voted to accept this rollback, and to use money from the General Fund for any deficit that may remain in the budget.”

This acceptance of the rollback rate cancels all previously planned tax increase meetings, as there will be no official tax increase within the county. Commissioners will continue to work on the budget, which is projected to be voted on in December.

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