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a fire extinguisher, sprayed and ran the frightened kitten toward Captain Phelps, who caught the kitten and brought her up.

We were able to rescue the mama cat as well, and I took both to the vet. The mama has been spayed and vaccinated and is now living in my yard, while the kitten is being kept in my house until she is big enough to take care of herself.

I have taken the liberty of naming the kitten “Stormy,” and she is doing remarkably well. You might can tell from her photo that the vet diagnosed her with a severely bruised left eye socket, probably due to falling nine feet, but fortunately the eye was not injured and the swelling around the eye has since gone down considerably.

Stormy climbs and chases and tussles with other cats in my yard, who are considerably larger than her, and she is enjoying life.

I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for the efforts of Captain Phelps and his crew of firemen.

Andrew M. (Andy) Thompson Vidalia, GA

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