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Home Manufacturer ADMARES Creates 1,400+ Jobs in Ware Co.

Governor Brian P.

Kemp announced May 31 that ADMARES, which specializes in industrialized manufacturing of buildings and homes, plans to construct its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Waycross.

The company expects to create over 1,400 new jobs and invest $750 million in Ware County. ADMARES has selected a green field site to construct a 2.5-million-squarefoot build-to-suit facility located along Highway 23 in Waycross. The manufacturing facility will specialize in producing buildings for the housing sector and is expected to begin pro- duction in late 2025.

The company will be hiring for positions in administration, management, engineering, and IT as well as logistics, assembly, robotics maintenance, and production. Interested individuals can learn more about working at ADMARES by visiting www.

'Projects like this prove that in every part of the state, Georgia has what job creators look for,' said Governor Brian Kemp.

"We're proud to welcome ADMARES to the No.

1 state for business and thankful for their decision to locate in a rural part of Georgia, as so many other companies have done in recent years. This project will not only bring more opportunities to hardworking Georgians, it will also help innovate the home building industry at a time when we need more rural workforce housing.”

ADMARES is a company that originates from Turku, Finland, and specializes in the mass production of buildings using proprietary technology.

Currently, the organization is in the process of relocating its headquarters to the U.S. while continuing to leverage its innovative technology. The company’s buildings have been used in both the residential and hospitality sectors.

'Our extensive experi ence in efficient shipbuilding and process oriented offshore industries has enabled us to innovate and collaborate with key partners Porsche Consulting, MHP – A Porsche Company, and Siemens to develop groundbreaking manufac- turing technology,' said Mikael Hedberg, Founder and CEO of ADMARES.

'With the rise of mod ern industrialization practices, we have combined our expertise to create a revolutionary robotic-driven manufacturing process that allows entire buildings to be manufactured at a factory rather than on a traditional construction site. With our advanced technology, we are adopting successful practices that are common in other advanced industries,' Hed berg noted.

'In addition to explor ing opportunities in other states, Waycross, Georgia, is an ideal location for a transportation hub with easy access to major highways and extensive rail connections. Its proximity to the Port of Brunswick, one of the busiest ports on the eastern seaboard, offers a competitive advantage for global trade. Waycross' strategic location and robust infrastructure make it an attractive destination for us in the region,' con tinued Hedberg.

'Welcome AD MARES, the newest corporation to join our thriving community in Ware County, Georgia. ADMARES’ initiative to build homes not only contributes to the growth of our economy but also provides homes for countless families,” said Waycross Mayor Michael-Angelo James. “I appreciate their commitment to creat- ing 1,400 jobs for the City of Waycross, which will pave the way for numerous opportunities and steady employment. We look forward to seeing the positive impact that ADMARES will have on our beloved city, and we thank them for choosing to be a part of our community.' 'We are excited that ADMARES has chosen Ware County for their first production facility in the world,' said Ware County Commission Chairman Elmer riffi. 'eir signi cant commitment to our community is evidence of the Waycross and Ware County Development Authority’s efforts to develop and support a positive business environment for Ware County. We look forward to working with ADMARES and their success in the Ware County area.'

Senior Project Manager Elizabeth McLean represented the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) Global Commerce team on this competitive project in partnership with the Waycross and Ware County Development Authority, Georgia Power, and Georgia Quick Start.

'Workforce housing is a growing national challenge, and Georgia is no exception. The new ADMARES facility is helping address that challenge, filling a niche that is critical to economic development,' said GDEcD Commis- sioner Pat Wilson. 'What sets our state apart is our history of partnership that brings together the public and private sectors to overcome complex challenges. Congratulations to our friends in Waycross and Ware County on their hard work.'

ADMARES is a global leader in the digital transformation of the construction industry. The company is industrializing, productizing and digitalizing the manufacturing of homes. Its technology allows entire high-quality homes to be mass produced in a factory by assembly line workers without any need for traditional construction labor or traditional construction site. Learn more at

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