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scores are strong. Crime is at a half-century low.

Of course, if Florida were really a hotbed of antagonism toward minorities, Americans would have noticed and wouldn’t be moving there en masse. The state has gained some 700,000 people since the 2020 census. The U-Hauls are coming because Florida has a well-earned reputation as an open place full of opportunity.

If the NAACP were truly concerned about the welfare of African Americans instead of trying to score points against a Republican potentially on the rise in national politics, it would issue travel advisories about going to Chicago or Baltimore, poorly governed cities where it is affirmatively dangerous for young Black men to live.

Such places could learn from Florida. If the NAACP were thinking clearly and didn’t have an agenda, it wouldn’t be denouncing the state but considering moving its headquarters there.

Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.

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