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1923 for the opening games between the Yankees and the Red Sox. The attendance was estimated at 65,000. Fans were entertained by John Phillip Sousa’s Seventh Regiment band.

In attendance were Gov. Al Smith and baseball Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis, who was named for historic rock formation familiar to Georgians.

Those were the days when a subway fare was only a nickel. After the game many fans had the option to ride back into Manhattan and take in the “Ziegfeld Follies” at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

Not sure what a hot dog cost at Yankee stadium in 1923, but today it will run you $3.00. If you want to include a beer, that is another $7.75. In 1923, you could not buy a beer since it was Prohibition. Vendors sold a substitute, which was called “near beer.” New York has been such a magical place for years, and it appears that the city is back. The allure of Manhattan in December is its old self. The magic of Broadway has returned. There is a difference, of course. New York has never been cheap, but today it is over the top expensive. That doesn’t keep tourists from flocking there.

And, best I can tell from the Internet, the cheapest price ticket for a Yankee-Red Sox game is about$50.00. Twotickets along with two beers and two hotdogs and your tab for two for a night out at Yankee Stadium, by the above accounting, would cost at least $125.00.

For that amount, you could have taken your entire street to a game a hundred years ago.

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