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pression; how you look, and how you sound. People make judgments about you based upon your appearance and speech.

Make cross-generational friendships. Learn from those who have already made the mistakes.

Get a library card and read a book a month.

Take time to volunteer. Community service is dues we owe our fellowman.

Start saving money. It doesn’t matter how much you save, but it is saving regularly that matters. Set aside a portion that belongs to tomorrow. Saving inspires confidence.

Learn something about your personal history. One day you will wonder where you came from.

Get away from your parents. You need to develop into yourself, and you can't do that around people who'll pick up your socks. Write down your mother’s favorite recipes.

You are about to enter a world where there are no excuses. Your educational system tried to pump up your self-esteem, eliminate “winners” and “losers,” tried to help you deal with disappointments and tragedies. You are now your own support system and responsible for your self-esteem.

Your stuff no longer belongs to everybody else, and you've worried about being “popular” for the last time.

The educational system is all about “fairness” and protecting you from being offended. The world is not fair and whining won’t change it. Being offended won’t hurt you.

Racism and prejudice do exist, but they wither in the face of competence and excellence.

You were a kid for a while. You’ll be an adult forever.

I wish you well.

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