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Woman Charged in Glenwood Case; 12- Hour Delay in Notifying the Law

Woman Charged in  Glenwood Case; 12- Hour  Delay in Notifying the Law
Jayme McGowan
Woman Charged in  Glenwood Case; 12- Hour  Delay in Notifying the Law
Jayme McGowan

A Dublin woman has been charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats following a May 7 incident in Glenwood involving juveniles that was not reported to authorities until 12 hours after it occurred.

Wheeler County Sheriff Ran­continued from page

dy Rigdon confirmed that Jayme Michelle McGowan, 44, was arrested and booked into the Wheeler County Jail on May 10 after a warrant was served at her residence in Laurens County. Accompanied by her attorney, she posted a $24,000 bond and was released from jail in just a little over an hour.

Sheriff Rigdon said response by law enforcement was hampered by a delay in reporting the incident. He said he learned of the occurrence on May 8 when he visited the Circle K Store on Second Street and was handed a brown paper bag by a store employee with information written on it pertaining to the case. After contacting the mother of a juvenile who was allegedly involved, Rigdon said his office reviewed video from the store and contacted the GBI for assistance in tracking down the suspect.

The WCSO reports the complaint was filed by the mother of one juvenile; however, video evidence indicates that more than one juvenile may have been involved in the case.

A report made by Chief Deputy Richie Floyd notes that the store video shows a black vehicle pulling up to the store and a woman walking inside the store and to the counter and asking, “Do you know the people in the parking lot?” The video also revealed that the woman then said, “I’m gonna shoot them (expletive).”

The report stated, “You then observe the juveniles walk inside the store, never making any interaction with the female, and she looks at them and makes a motion with her right hand towards them. Moments later she exits the store and waits in her vehicle until the juveniles exit the store and walk to a vehicle that was parked beside hers.”

The report continued, “At that time she backs up. You can see the passenger side front window is partially down and she drives forward and then stops. You can see her look back towards the juveniles and with her right arm points what appears to be a black pistol in the direction of the juveniles. She then proceeds to exit the parking lot and travels south on Highway 19.

It was noted in the report that when asked about the delay in reporting the occurrence, the store manager said the employee who was on duty at the time of the incident “did not know what to do and assumed the (juvenile’s) mother was going to call the law.”

Sheriff Rigdon said that no one called 911 to alert authorities. “I got the information the next day written on a brown paper bag. Always call 911. It will expedite everything,” he said.

The Sheriff also refuted false information about the investigating deputy in the case which is being circulated online and in media reports. “Chief Deputy Sheriff Richie Floyd has not resigned,” the Sheriff said.

INCIDENT SCENE – The Circle K convenience store at the corner of U.S. Highway 280 (Ga. 30) and Second Street (Ga. Highway 19) was the scene of an alleged altercation involving juveniles and a woman from Dublin, who was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats. There was a 12-hour delay in notifying authorities of the incident.

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