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Wheeler BOE Approves Personnel Changes for New Term

The Wheeler County Board of Education, in its regular session on March 13, approved the following personnel changes and reappointments: • Pat Ethredge, Princi pal, and Angie Smith, Assistant Principal, will both be retiring from Wheeler County Elementary at the end of this school year.

• Dr. Quent Floyd, who will come on board next term at Wheeler County Elementary as Principal, is retiring as Principal of Bleckley County Primary School where he served for many years. He will join Wheeler County part-time.

• Kim Stinson, WCES RTI Coordinator and Instructional coach, and Brandon Pope, high school teacher and Director of Wrap Around Services, will serve as Floyd’s Assistant Principals at WCES.

• Ginger Horne will step into the Principal’s position at Wheeler County Middle School next year. Horne served as Assistant Principal under WCHS Principal William Bell this year and has served as WCSD School Nutrition Director for several years.

• William Bell will continue his tenure as high school Principal.

• Kelly Dougherty- Blount will assist Ginger Horne with discipline and serve as school/family/ community liaison, and Eli DuPree will assist William Bell with discipline.

• Hal Ford is retiring and will be returning as Transportation Director part-time.

• Benji Hartley will serve as Director of the Alternative Program.

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