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but everyone will make it. That’s the kind of music we’re doing.”

The pair was also excited to share about another track that they are creating for the album, “This One Is Mine,” which they said uses the theme of sports to talk about life and encourage others to believe that adversity cannot take anything away from them. “When we hear that track, I can hear colleges playing it during halftime,” he commented.

The album is set to be released in June and will be distributed by Orchard Music Distribution, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music.

Other Opportunities

Around the time of the album release, Aaron and Wardlaw are expecting several opportunities, such as a “Good Morning America” release segment, and possible segments on Kevin Hart’s “Hart to Hart” show, Lebron James’s talk show, and others, as well as some endorsement deals.

Aaron also recently got the green light to go forward with producing a Christmas movie, “Nothing for Christmas.”

“I developed a story for a Christmas film, and it’s a project [designed for] my dream cast, and my dream co-star is Kevin Hart,” Aaron explained.

This past weekend, he, along with Wardlaw and other members of the movie development team, traveled to Salt Lake City to pitch the movie idea to investors, who were in the area for a film festival. The investors bought into idea and approved the movie moving forward.

According to Aaron, this film was inspired by his love of the movie, “Home Alone,” and the uniqueness that he feels that film brings. “I wanted to do a movie that starred two characters like Harry and Marv from “Home Alone,” because there’s really not been any movie with two guys like that,” he remarked.

Now that the movie has been “green lit,” the group will begin developing the project.

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