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with 1:08 left to play in the game. Aaron Murray, as game of a quarterback as has ever worn the Red & Black was undaunted at the task that lay ahead. He passionately wanted to win the game for his school and his coach. He reveled in the opportunity that he faced.

Murray began to throw with urgent accuracy, mostly to tight end, Arthur Lynch but included in the march was a 23 yard pass to Tavarres King. A 26 yard pass over the middle to Lynch had Georgia at the Alabama eight-yard line with time running out.

Offensive coordinator, Mike Bobo, had rehearsed a plan for this situation. He and Richt thought that it best to go with what was on the drawing board, rather than call timeout.

If an all-out rush by the left side Tide linebacker had come about, he likely would have been blocked by Todd Gurley and the receiver would have been running free. But the linebacker hesitated and, in essence, was at the wrong place at the right time. Murray’s second option was to wide receiver Chris Conley on the right sideline. Conley caught Murray’s pass, but was stopped short of a touchdown on the Alabama five-yard-line as time expired.

There was hardly anybody who didn’t hold the view that the national championship game was the SEC title game in Atlanta. The consensus was that the SEC champion that year would be the overwhelming favorite versus Notre Dame at Miami Gardens. The Irish were gallant at the outset but were no match for Alabama which won easily 42-14.

Mark Richt tried his best for Georgia. He never embarrassed the school and underscored a goodwill effort all across the state every year he was the head coach.

He was a fine coach who gave Georgia high hopes, following the noted success of Vince Dooley. He was a good man who devoutly honored his faith throughout his tenure with the Dawgs while becoming the second winningest coach in UGA history. He was, without question, a Damn Good Dawg.

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