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Hawks. Pre-game warmups were his showtime. He once got a standing ovation at Madison Square Garden.

Herb’s time in college were the days when dunking the ball was illegal, but there were times when players would sneak on the court and put on a show, provided the officials did not come out on the court. Believe it or not, but if the officials saw a player dunking before a game, his team was penalized with a technical foul to start the game. Vanderbilt had a black player at the time, named Perry Wallace, who was an outstanding basketball player. Herb remembers that it was his teammate, Tom Brennan, who reached out to a Commodore player and they talked Perry and Herb into a dunking contest. The officials colluded by confirming they would not come on the court while the contest was going on. Herb won the contest, and his legend began to grow.

The Rosemond years were up and down years, but Herb believes there has never been a more dastardly mistake ever in Stegman than the one an official made against Kentucky in 1970. He still has a video of a Wildcat literally running over Georgia’s Cauthen Westbrook in front of the visitor’s bench—a textbook charge if there ever was one.

Adolph Rupp, the legendary coach was violently shaking his head, and the official choked, calling a blocking foul on Westbrook. Kentucky won, 7271. You’ll have to read Herb’s book to find out who the official was.

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