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Toombs County Commission Handles End of Year Housekeeping

The Toombs County Commission passed a few items, including the budget resolution, during its regular monthly meeting on December 20.

Commissioners adopted the budget resolution for 2023, solidifying the amount of money allotted to each fund for the next year. Those allotments are as follows: General Fund, $14,168,621; E911, $843,071; Jail Fund , $10,000; Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) , $5,809,371 (will be divided with cities based on the SPLOST referendum); Transportation Special Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST), $413,399; Landfill , $1,404,712; EMS, $2,541,526; DATE Fund , $20,000; Law Library Fund, $15,000; and Revolving Loan Fund, $10,000.

An insurance premium tax resolution was also approved in the amount of $901,753 for Fire Protection, Solid Waste Collection, Animal Control, and Code Enforcement. Budget Amendments were approved to be made to the 2022 budget to reflect the increase in Grand Funding & Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) revenue and Road Infrastructure Improvements, and an increase in the building maintenance budget.

Road Name Change

The Commission approved the name change for the section of U.S. Highway 1 that was abandoned by the Georgia Department of Transportation and transferred to the county’s authority after the highway was moved to the east side of Toombs Central Elementary School. This abandoned roadway will now be referred to as Toombs Central Road, because of the school being located on this route.

Fee Adjustment

Commissioners agreed to adjust the Transport Fee of Solid Waste in the county’s contract with All Green Service because of the rise in the cost of diesel fuel. This adjustment was deemed allowable under the existing contract, and commissioners approved the 6.5% increase request.

Agreements and Appointments

The contract between Toombs and Montgomery County, which allows Toombs- Montgomery EMS to provide EMS services to Montgomery County, was renewed.

A Memorandum of Understanding with GIS1, LLC. was approved. This memorandum is a part of a prior existing contract that provides mapping services for the Assessor’s Office, and served to clarify responsibilities of both parties.

Kendall Palmer was reappointed to the Toombs County Board of Health for a five-year term, ending on December 31, 2028.

Other Business

The Board of Elections, Probate Judge, and County Manager confirmed there were no elections in the upcoming year; thus, no qualifying dates were required to be approved.

Existing alcohol licenses were renewed for CEKK, LLC – Center Store, John’s Country Junction, Jani’s Mart, Dennis Sport Shop, and La Joya Mexican Store.

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