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Got a complaint? Got a compliment? Call Your Mind On Line at 537-6397 and let us know what’s on your mind. Quotes are printed exactly as they are called in and are not necessarily factual, but rather, callers’ opinions. Libelous, slanderous, personal attacks, and unfounded accusatory or lengthy comments will not be printed. Two calls per week per caller, and calls should not exceed 30 seconds, please.

“Amber Nagle’s article caused me to think. Save your old published encyclopedias. They are more likely to be closely checked for factual knowledge than many online sources, which are often politically and culturally slanted and have a tendency to alter historical information.”

“The people and politicians who run this country are neither stupid nor dumb. Many are corrupt. Congress will not limit their own terms (as they limited the terms of presidents after Franklin Roosevelt with the 22nd amendment), but two-thirds of the states can request a Constitutional Convention to add an amendment to limit terms of Congress and the Supreme Court. Let’s do it!”

“About the homeless shelter, why can’t they build a place for them? They spend money on a lot of other things. That would help with the burglaries and mischief at night. They would need someone there to oversee them. Check it out.”

“I’ve seen about the Wellness Center and Silver Sneakers. I go to Anytime Fitness. They take Silver Sneakers.”

“ They say the clinical definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. Kevin McCarthy has got to be insane. They’ve voted 8 times and on the 9th time he’s expecting different results. Kevin McCarthy is too insane to be Speaker of the House. He’s worse than Nazi Pelosi.”

“I love the taliban 20 of the U.S House of Representatives. Keep up the good works for true liberty, freedom, and independence.”

“Hopefully the new year will bring just atonement for the Judge who is under investigation by the Judicial Qualifications Commission.”

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