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Chief Jermon Shares Tips To Discourage Thieves

Vidalia Police Chief James Jermon has shared several tips to help citizens avoid being a victim of theft, especially during the holiday season.

Jermon says it is important to make sure that the home does not look unoccupied or empty for long periods of time, as thieves often look for homes with overflowing mailboxes, consistently empty driveways, and lights that do not appear to change from their current state. Burglars also seek out homes that have entry ways where they may be hidden while entering the home, such as homes that have tall hedges near the windows, lack of outdoor lighting, and rear entrances to the home with limited visibility.

Indication of home alarms, including stickers and signs located around the home, often discourage criminals from stealing from homes. They also pay attention to the trash outside of the home, so all boxes and other packages from large purchases, such as a television, should not be left visible to the public. According to Jermon, people should also avoid allowing holiday gifts and other valuables to be visible through the windows.

Unlocked doors and windows give thieves easy access to the home, as they may quietly enter the house rather than having to noisily break glass. Individuals should make sure to lock these entrances and close all garage doors, which will prevent criminals from having easy access to tools and other valuable items in this area of the home. Jermon also discourages people from hiding spare keys around the home, as he says that thieves know all the common hiding spots well.

One of the best methods of discouraging criminals from stealing from your home is the presence of a dog outside, because thieves dislike the noise and attention which dogs may bring to their activity.

Overall, Jermon advises citizens to stay safe and help watch out for their neighbors. He encourages all citizens to contact the police department if they see anything suspicious.

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