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Alamo City Council Adopts $1.6M Budget,Sets Millage Rate

The Alamo City Council adopted its 2023 budget and set the 2022 millage rate during a called meeting on November 28 at the Community Center in Alamo.

The City’s 2023 budget of $1.6 million reflects total revenues of $898,109, and allocates $45,000 for sanitation, and $733,100 for water and sewer. Also included in the budget is an allocation of $749,159 for the proposed City Hall which will be recouped from savings and augmented with ARP funds to complete the project. The City’s total expenditures amount to $2.694 million, with a budgeted surplus (deficit) of $1,018, 609. The expenditures will be recouped from taxes ($755,200) licenses and permits ($9,500), and intergovernmental revenues ($898,109).

The millage rate for 2022 is actually lower than the rate set in 2021, said Alamo City Manager Jeff Floyd. The Council approved a millage rate of 8.491 for 2022. The 2021 rate was 8.498.

The called meeting Monday constituted the third reading of the proposed budget. A session was held on November 14 to allow the public an opportunity to comment on the budget, which had been released on October 17 and advertised for two weeks. The City received no public feedback on the proposed budget.

Police and Purchase Matters The Council retired to an executive session during the meeting to discuss police personnel issues, reemerging to pass a resolution to advertise and hire a night watchman to augment city police patrols.

The position, which needs to be filled immediately, offers $15 per hour, and will be in effect until the department can put two new officers online. Police Chief Karen Zanders asked the Council to approve hiring two new officer candidates and sending them for training and subsequent certification at the Public Safety Academy in Forsyth. The Council approved the requests.

The Council also approved the purchase of two new fiberglass doors at a cost of $4,334.58. The Council accepted a bid for the project from Handy Andy in Vidalia. The doors will replace deteriorated doors at the Wheeler State Prison well.

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