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He held it underneath the light on the tip of a sharp tool and prodded me to look at it under his magnifying lens.

“It’s his mouthpiece,” he said. “And a leg. You have to be careful when you pull these little creatures out that you get it in one piece.” “I’ve never had this problem before,” I said. “I’m 57 years old, and I’ve never had one break off inside me until now.”

And then he lectured me. “And if this ever happens again, do not try to do the surgery at home,” he said. “Go see a doctor.”

He prescribed ten days of antibiotics and told me what to look for as far as infections are concerned.

And that’s how we spent Halloween 2022 — not in costumes or handing out candy, but attempting to do surgery in our great room underneath a lamp. Instead of Trick or Treat, my husband and I did Tick or Treat this year. Ugh, but I sure am glad that the doctor got that disgusting critter out of me.

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