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Herschel Walker Slams Warnock Over Schumer Hot Mic Moment

On Friday, October 28, 2022, at multiple rallies in South Georgia, Herschel Walker slammed Raphael Warnock over comments made by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to President Joe Biden, in which he declared that Warnock was losing and that the race was 'going downhill' for Democrats.

'Even Chuck Schumer had to tell the President that Raphael Warnock is gonna lose this race,' said Herschel Walker. 'Chuck Schumer, when he's talking low, tells the truth. That's when they tell the truth, when they're whispering to each other. But he should have known he was gonna lose this race when I got in, because unlike Raphael Warnock I'm not a politician. I'm a warrior for God.'

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