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Vidalia Reestablishing Veterans Day Parade

The city of Vidalia will celebrate Veterans Day with pomp and circumstance this year, as a parade will honor veterans on Friday, November 11.

According to Event Coordinator Debbie O’Neal, parades were held for Veterans Day in the past, but the practice has not been continued for many years. This year, O’Neal teamed up with Downtown Vidalia Association (DVA) Executive Director Tonya Parker to put on the event in hopes that the public will respond positively.

American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Veterans organizations, marching bands, floats, and more are encouraged to join. All entries must be decorated, and no commercial or political advertising is permitted. No participant may ride on the hood of any vehicle, and candy must be distributed to spectators by hand rather than throwing.

Parade lineup will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the parking lot of Southeastern Technical College, and the parade will officially begin at 10 a.m. The celebration will run from that parking lot, down Commerce Way to Collins Road, onto Airport Road, onto Old Airport Road, and will finally end at the Vidalia Community Center, where veterans will be able to have lunch at no cost. The public is invited to attend the parade to honor veterans.

For more information on the parade or parade applications, contact the DVA office at (912) 5378033. All applications are due no later than November 1, and may be dropped off at the DVA Office, located at 128 Church Street.

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