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Got a complaint? Got a compliment? Call Your Mind On Line at 537-6397 and let us know what’s on your mind. Quotes are printed exactly as they are called in and are not necessarily factual, but rather, callers’ opinions. Libelous, slanderous, personal attacks, and unfounded accusatory or lengthy comments will not be printed. Two calls per week per caller, and calls should not exceed 30 seconds, please.

“Yeah, gas prices have gone down and they may go lower. They are still one dollar higher than when that other guy was President. After the election expect gas prices to increase just like they did when the current President went into office.”

“Did Kommunist Harris actually say the US has an alliance with North Korea? Well, she could be correct, there is no telling what kind of secret dastardly deals these idiots in Washington may have made with North Korea.”

“A head of lettuce $2.99??? Oh no, Joe and his bunch of idiots have got to go!”

“Merriam-Webster’s definition of fascism: “A centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” That describes Biden and his enforcers exactly.”

“This is to Jim Duncan. I know that nobody recognized you for running into a burning house to save your dad. It took incredible courage for you to do that. I know you, and you did what you had to do. In my book, that’s a hero and don’t let anybody take that away from you.”

“I’m glad my remote has a mute button so I can mute Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock, and Herschel Walker’s wife’s political ads. I’m so tired of hearing them.”

“Uh oh, Stacey’s at it again. She’s dreaming about the governor’s mansion and the White House. Well, wake up, girl, I have relatives all over Georgia and they have promised to do whatever is in their power to be sure Brian Kemp is in the governor’s mansion for 4 more years. You can pack your bags and go to the house, wherever that may be, since you don’t want to be in Georgia because it’s the worst place in the whole country to live in. I hope this is the last we hear of you.”

“Can somebody fill the potholes at the small gate at Pinecrest Cemetery? I guess they are not going to do anything with the road. It’s disrespectful.”

“I called the city of Vidalia about the garbage can by the mausoleum to be emptied. Well, they just brought another one and set it beside it. Can they have a little respect for people and clean it up? It’s what they get paid for.”

“I am a Biden man. Who you

gonna get to replace Joe? Not even Porky Pig can say it like Joe can.”

“America is stuck between a rock and a hard place as things get worse and worse. Mentally deficient Biden stays in office only because the idea of the totally incompetent Harris taking his place is terrifying. She is his best insurance policy.”

“Does Vidalia have a plan for filling the many potholes that are harming our vehicles around the town?”

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