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Toombs County Schools Promotes “Passion First!” Mindset

The Toombs County School System has entered its second month of the school year’s 7 Mindsets program, which focuses on self-awareness. According to Toombs County Schools Communications Director Tabatha Nobles, the 7 Mindsets plan strives to help students be successful in their social and emotional health in addition to their academic success. This month, the students throughout the school system are focusing on the “Passion First!” mindset, which works to help students become aware of their strengths and interests so they may use that knowledge to navigate their careers and lives. This unit works to inspire students to follow their dreams and interests to accomplish whatever they desire, regardless of any challenges and setbacks.

The four critical components of this unit’s mindset are simple: “Focus on Strengths, Explore Your Interests, Take A Stand, and Be Authentic.”

For more information on the 7 Mindsets program, visit the Toombs County School System’s individual school websites, or follow the schools on Facebook and Instagram.

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