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university and become a Saturday hero. That would be apropos with Stetson Bennett. Even Brock Bowers. Napa, California, is not a country town, but it’s not a metropolis either. There was nothing more sensational for Wrightsville than to have Herschel Walker become a household name and bring national headlines to a school which played in the lowest classification in the state.

He was like the comic strip character of yesteryear, Ozark Ike, who was the greatest of athletic performers. He ran over everybody in football, scoring sensationally from any spot on the field; he made baskets from center court and slugged grand slam homers in baseball with regularity. Herschel didn’t play basketball and baseball, but he became legendary in football and track. College football, what a game! I never thought there would be anything that could kill it. Now I worry that greed might destroy it. Some of those folk along 78—from Crawford to Lexington to Rayle to Washington to Thomson— may have a son who might be the next Herschel. Let’s find a way to preserve the game for the next generation.

Let’s keep the perspective you get from traveling country roads on splendidly escorted busses to a big time campus venue for a game that will be televised nationally.

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