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up with the computer with that initial cup of coffee as the world turns toward daybreak, I find myself always in a grateful mood. The harvest season does that to you.

We will always appreciate September for the harvest moon. What a joyful time! This year the harvest moon will come about on September 22, and I will stand in my front yard and toss verbal bouquets in its direction.

Of course, I will sing the lyrics I can remember from one of my favorite songs, “Harvest Moon.” If you don’t know the lyrics to “Harvest Moon,” look them up and memorize enough of them to sing in the shower, on the way to work and whenever there is a lull at the office. It will make your day.

September is the month to take Grandma out for pizza and a beer. It is the month for National Grandparents Day, National Cheese Pizza Day and National Drink a Beer day. If you are into all that, then you can’t do all that imbibing without toasting. Toast your friends and neighbors, toast the harvest moon and toast September for ushering us into October.

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