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I thought that title would catch you. I was taught by a newspaper man to always use a catchy title. So the subject is ants. Good to know about and good to stay away from. All of God’s creation has a purpose. What sometimes we don’t know. So I like to watch nature programs to learn more about God by learning more about his mighty awesome creations. I can’t believe I used the word awesome because it has been used to death, but it fits when it comes to God. Amen! Well, I was talking to this sweet lady that observes nature and she said that you can learn a lot from ants and see how bad and lazy and unconcerned folks are by watching ants. She said to look at an ant bed and you will see some coming and some going and as they pass they turn their heads and greet each other. They say, hello. Now even your neighbor won’t speak and rain, shine, sleet or snow the ants work tirelessly day and night. Never laying out of work unnecessarily like people do. Especially if you pay them not to work. Even 30 years ago who would have even heard of any such. Ants are so devoted and committed to their leader the queen unlike people now that have no respect for anyone. No yes sir or no sir. No respect even for preachers or the president or the law or mama or daddy nor uncles and aunts (that is not fire ants). Of course one of my aunts was kind of firey. She would get you told in the nicest way. Now ants do a lot of things like keep down termites. Good job! And no load is too heavy. They can tote 4 times their weight and yet people grunt and complain about lifting very little. The most they can lift is a cup of coffee or a glass of tea. Another thing you never see an ant quit or go off the beaten path. They stay focused and on coarse. They are fighters too and they fight for the right. So are you like an ant? If so then can you say amen?


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