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gas prices are still far too high and supply chains are strained under the weight of bad decisions. Hardworking residents of the Peach State have been feeling the consequences of Joe Biden's recession long before it was announced,' Kemp said.

'As I said when we first suspended the state’s gas tax all the way back in March – and have reiterated each time I have renewed that suspension – we can’t fix everything Washington has broken, but we’re doing our part to combat the economic headwinds caused by the President's failed policies.”

Kemp added, “Because of our innovative approach to trade and logistics, the Georgia Ports Authority has experienced yet another recordbreaking year, in spite of the ongoing supply chain challenges. And because we work with job creators rather than against them, even in the face of bad economic metrics on the national level, Georgia continues to be the No. 1 state for business.”

Due to the fiscally conservative approach to budgeting by state leaders, Georgia can confidently extend the state motor fuel tax suspension to help curb sky-high gas prices.

Last week Sen. Blake Tillery, R-19, Vidalia, said the state ended FY2022 with “money in the bank.” The fiscal year culminated with an approximate $6 billion surplus. “That’s 19% greater than expected and 23% ahead of last fiscal year’s revenue,” Tillery said. “We are not frivolously spending and have managed to hold some of the budget back,” said the Senate Appropriations Chair. “Because we did save for a rainy day, we should not have to reduce services or raise taxes,” he said.

Since the temporary gas tax suspension was implemented, Georgia’s average gas price has often been the lowest in the nation and is currently roughly 45 cents below the national average for a gallon of regular gas, according to AAA.

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