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Toombs County Schools Implement 7 Mindsets Program

The Toombs County School System is working to provide socialemotional support to staff and students through the implementation of the 7 Mindsets Program, which focuses on the promotion of self-awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

This program is the result of a 3-year study, which found that happiness and success are not based on what someone knows or where someone comes from, but rather on how someone thinks. In attempts to address this basis for success, students will be introduced to a new mindset each month, and lessons that coincide with that mindset will be taught.

The school year will begin with the first mindset, “Everything is Possible” in August. The following mindsets will also be studied throughout the year: Passion First (September), We Are Connected (October), Attitude of Gratitude ( November/ December), 100 Percent Accountable (January), Live to Give (February), and The Time is Now (March).

Toombs County Schools Administration states that the job of educators today is not only to grow students academically but also to ensure the students’ social and emotional wellbeing. Thus, the school system feels this program is a way for the district to act upon positive character traits that have been around for generations. The goal is simple: for each student to grow as a person and put into practice positive mindsets that will help them become successful in life.

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