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Vidalia City Schools Vision

All students will become future, productive, contributing members in society.

In Vidalia City, We Believe:

• High expectations are essential to develop college and/or career ready students.

• Family and community engagement encourages accountability which is vital to academic success and community economic development.

• E-ective teaching practices optimize students' opportunities to learn. • All extracurricular activities are an enhancing/integral component of the overall educational program to produce well-rounded citizens.

• Strong relationships are fostered through inclusive and diverse connec tions that create a positive climate in order to ensure safety of ALL.

System Goals and Objectives


• Increase students' readiness for postsecondary options • Increase mastery of content • Improve developmental areas for all students II. ORGANIZATIONAL AND OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS

• Improve facility safety and security • Maximize nancial eciency and e-ectiveness • Develop and improve cohesive operational processes and practices III. POSITIVE CULTURE AND CLIMATE

• Develop and sustain positive sta–student relationships • Improve safe, healthy and secure learning environments • Increase community, family and school engagement IV. QUALITY STAFF LEARNING AND GROWTH

• Recruit highly qualied sta• Improve and sustain sta- knowledge • Retain highly qualied sta-

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