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MoCo Sheriff’s Deputies Get Raise

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies will receive a raise next month as a part of Sheriff Doug Maybin’s plan to continue to make officer’s pay competitive with the area.

“I have a really good group of officers that I trust,” Maybin remarked. “They know Montgomery County and the roads, and they work hard at what they do. I just want to be able to keep them and not lose them to neighboring agencies.” This $2 raise will move most of the officers’ wages to $18 per hour. Maybin shared that he plans to work to raise the officers’ pay to $20 per hour by the end of the year, and this change is just the start to that process. “I just reviewed the Sheriff’s Office’s budget and finances to see where things are,” he said. “I saw this opportunity to give my guys a little more money, and I did what I could to accomplish that.”

According to Maybin, the Sheriff’s Office is currently only short one deputy, which helped inspire him to make this change. “We’ve been very fortunate to only be short one officer – I know many other places are struggling with personnel, so our county is definitely blessed,” he remarked. “I just want to make sure we do all we can to stay that way.”

Maybin informed the Montgomery County Commission of his desire to provide this raise at a monthly work session on July 14, which was unanimously agreed upon. The raise will begin next month for officers, and Maybin plans to discuss another $2 increase in pay in the future. Maybin stressed that no new tax money was needed for the raises; funds were already appropriated in the 2022 budget and modifications were made in this budget to accommodate the raises.

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