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equipment, leading to a recall of a batch of Vidalia Onions sold in five states.

Though the onions themselves were not reported to have traces of listeria, a belt used in the packing process for A & M Farms’ Little Bear brand was detected to have the bacteria, leading authorities to recall the produce out of caution. These onions were sold in bulk to markets in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Haygood commented on the recall, reassuring consumers that the situation was treated appropriately. “We found the bacteria on a belt that we test purposely [to make sure the packing process is sanitary],” Haygood explained. “That kind of stuff can happen sometimes when soil is involved. We cleaned the equipment, and we believe the situation is solved.” He said that the cleaned surfaces have been tested three times with environmental testing, all of which have come back clear. “We definitely aren’t business as normal, but we’re getting there,” Haygood remarked.

No cases of listeria in humans have been reported in connection with the Vidalia Onion recall, and no onions have been found contaminated.

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