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I like true stories like Investigative Discovery where they don’t always live happily ever after and ride off in the sunset. Yet it is true stories of what real life is all about. This is a sin filled sin cursed world. Flat and plain and telling fairy tales won’t change it. You see if we get to thinking all is well with the world then we become deceived. What is important with all the world is this, “Is it well with your soul!” Now my wife likes slop operas (soap operas) and Hallmark movies. Hallmark sold 25 cent cards for $5.00 and made a fortune. Now they got two or three channels on television. Yet I write my own cards with my own poetry and I do them with art and with scriptures and I send hundreds for free to prisons all around. So to the subject at hand. Do you remember the show, “Touched by an angel,” and many preachers recommended it and I liked it to until the angels cracked open a bottle of champagne and got tippsy. So so much for that. Now with Hallmark it is family entertainment but I would not call them Christian shows because like one old preacher said, “If they say the name of Jesus or mention going to church then I will give you a hundred dollar bill for each time.” Well, he hasn’t had to give any money away. Yet television always shows the Catholic religion as the Christian religion and yet they mostly mention mother Mary and not Jesus. Of course old holly wood they mock and make fun of Protestants and Pentecostals like we country folks are. So all claim to be Christian family shows. Well now! The late great Michael Landon on every episode of “Little house on the prairie,” always had a church scene where they all gathered in the church and sang those old hymns, which was very much the way it was back then. Real to life. So if I was going to approve a show to be deemed as a Christian show then “Little House on the Prairie,” would take the cake. Can you say amen?


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