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continued from page unrelentingly. Perhaps ….

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unrelentingly. Perhaps it wouldn’t work, but why would Republicans want risk it or even deal with the complication?

Again, this is a vulnerability unique to Trump. No other prospective 2024 candidate would have to excuse Jan. 6 and parrot the most outlandish claims about the 2020 election, not Ron DeSantis, not Mike Pence, not Tom Cotton, not Nikki Haley. If none of these candidates would sound like Liz Cheney, they wouldn’t be inextricably linked to bonkers events four years prior, either.

They’d be free of the 2020 albatross and of any obligation to defend the indefensible, leaving the obsession with Jan. 6 to congressional Democrats — and Donald J. Trump.

Rich Lowry is editor-inchief of the National Review.

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