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spiritual challenges. This is symbolized in the physical fortitude to travel such distances. Anderson, a world-class athlete, stressed physical fitness as one component of honoring God. (The endurance needed to achieve these feats honors his lessons of how keeping your body physically fit is as important as exercising the mind, filling it with positivity and prayer.)

'Paul was extremely focused on Jesus Christ, physical fitness, and prioritized it in his life. These young men are honoring his legacy by taking on such a challenging week of cycling long distances,' said Anderson Leonard. 'Our hope is that this ride instills selfconfidence and Christian character into their everyday lives.' This year’s goal is to raise $145,500, which will allow PAYH to effectively carry out its mission of helping troubled youth effectively. Supporters can learn more about each rider's story, how to contribute, or become a part of the PAYH family at payhbikeride. com. To learn more about the Paul Anderson Youth Home and family resources, visit

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