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Thornton Named District Representative For Council of Magistrate Court Judges

Montgomery County Magistrate Judge Ashley Thornton will join an elite group of judges as she serves as a District Representative on the Council of Magistrate Court Judges. “I feel it is an honor to have been chosen to represent District 8 on the Council of Magistrates,” Thornton commented. “I am grateful to represent Montgomery County in this opportunity.” According to Thornton, she and Laurens County Magistrate Judge Colby Crabb represent the 27 counties of the Eighth Judicial District within the Executive Committee. “We were nominated then voted on by our peers,” she noted. “So, now, we serve as leaders in our District. For example, if a magistrate judge within our District submits a recusal order, it will come to Judge Crabb and I, and it will be our job to find a judge to fill that spot.” Also, in her role as a District Representative, Thornton will serve on the Executive Committee of the Council, and will attend all Executive Council meetings and vote on matters which come before the organization. She will also convene and attend District meetings, and will report the business of her district to the Executive Council and the Communication-Marketing Committee.

She will participate in a Mentor Training Program through the Council of Magistrate Judges, and will serve as a mentor for judges on an as-needed basis for years to come, as well as work on the collection of all necessary information for the Council of Magistrate Court Judges directory and for the Executive Committee in specific projects.

“I’m looking forward to working in this position to help represent our District as we all work together across the state of Georgia,” she concluded.

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