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In the meantime, when you are the one who becomes the hit dog, it is best not to holler, to shout out to the media and social media. Take the high road and work behind the scenes to improve the system.

If you are a competitor, you are always working to find a way to win. Anything that will give you an advantage, you will explore to the fullest. When it doesn’t work out, you are disappointed and/or mad. Then you have to walk across the field and face your adversary with a victory handshake.

That is when some people do dumb things. Make the wrong statement, come with an insult or commentary that brings about regret. Nothing will change the score, which is why those who take the high road are the ones who manage the best.

The classiest of the vanquished over the years have been golfers. They learn at the outset to underscore courtesy and manners. The coach who was most magnanimous in defeat for many years was Bobby Dodd of Georgia Tech. Bear Bryant was given to magnanimity throughout his career. Vince Dooley belonged to that fraternity.

I have long held the view that the Georgia coach is one of the smartest out there, but with the way he handles such things as officiating faux pas, he has become one of the classiest.

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