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Down through the years of being a traveling salesman and covering four states almost everywhere you would see signs next to an office, a home, a business or what ever and it would say, “Keep off the grass!” It did not say, “Please keep off the grass!” Now you don’t see that much anymore because folks don’t care so much about beautification like they use to. You can see trailer parks with $50,000 SUV’s parked in the yard and the grass looks terrible. I have always said, “God looks at the inner and man looks on the outward.” 1st Samuel 16:7. So in fact outward is equally important. You could have a three million dollar home and the grass be head high and it would look like a dump and the neighbors would start to complain because it made their yards look bad. Now folks don’t put the grass signs. They put the keep out, no trespassing, private property, violators will be prosecuted and on and on, yet during this past pandemic they called it they made it appear that all was saying thank you and all was well wishers and all were so neighborly. Go figure! Years ago when we came to Toombs county back in the 1950’s we were poor as dirt and later on my dad bought an old push mower for $25.00 and it smoked like a freight train and my father practiced what he preached. So he would load it in the back of our 1958 Chevrolet and we would cut grass for those old widow women over at Cedar Crossing, because the bible says to look out for the orphans and widows. One or two would give us a cat head biscuit and a tall glass of tea and maybe a dollar or two, but anyway we didn’t have to be told to be good neighbors. It was a way of life and yet recently they called the sheriff to me for being neighborly which the good neighbor policy which is part of the Christian Way Ministries is nothing new. It is as old as time itself. So anyway, instead of putting up a sign, “Keep off the grass,” then why not one that says, “Please, pretty please cut your grass!” I don’t think that is offensive! No more than keep off the grass! Can you say amen?


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