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Top Onion-Eaters Vow To Face Off Again in ‘23

Vidalia’s “World Famous Onion Eating Contest” drew competitors from near and far on Saturday afternoon as some brave and determined individuals stepped onto the stage to see how many onions they could consume in a timed event.

The contest is a longtime tradition at the Arts and Crafts Show, which is held each year as part of the Vidalia Onion Festival. Competitors are organized into three age groups: 11 years and younger, 11-16 years, and 17 and up. Local resident Jonathan Flowers and Adam Zhang, from New York, went head to head, as they did in 2021. They tied for the win in the 17 and up category with each eating 7 onions and they split the jackpot.

The two have formed a camaraderie in the event and said they look forward to facing off again in 2023.

In the age and 11 years and under, Tucker Hutto won by eating 3 onions, and in the 11 -16 age group, Brian Houseman won with 4 onions.

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