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It’s Race Week In Lyons

Soap Box Derby racers will compete Saturday, April 30, for the chance to go to Akron, Ohio, for the International Soap Box Derby. The race begins at 8 a.m. at Derby Hill (168 Miot Street) in Partin Park in Lyons.

Stock Division – Racers (age 7-13) compete in cars built from ready-to-assemble kits, which assist the Derby novice by providing a step-by-step layout and components for the construction of a basic style car. This division is designed to give the firsttime builder a learning experience.

Super Stock Division – Racers (age 10-17) have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and build a larger, heavier model car, also from a kit.

The Masters Division (also known as Scottie) is for racers 10-20 years old and is driven by the more experienced drivers. Masters cars can accommodate a child up to (approximately) 6'0' tall and 160 pounds. Several cars need racers, and it is not necessary for racers to have their own cars to compete. Contact Kaydee Head at 912-657-5516 for more information.

Super Kids Race

At the annual Super Kids Race, each mentally and physically challenged racers is paired with an experienced racer to speed down Derby Hill in specially made two-seater derby cars featuring Superheroes. The winner has a chance to race in Akron, Ohio, at the International Soap Box Derby Race. The event is slated for Friday, April 29 at 9 a.m. at 168 Miot Street in Partin Park in Lyons.

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