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continued from page Unfortunately, it’s ….

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Unfortunately, it’s a fight we must continue until we reach critical mass.

Second, where a politician stands on forced masking should ALWAYS be an issue. Ask the question, even if there is no Covid in your area and even if there isn’t the remotest threat of a mask mandate being put in place anytime soon. Ask your would-be city council member or county commissioner or state representative this: “If Covid or another virus rises and hospitals are threatened to be overrun, would you support or oppose the imposition of a mask mandate to counter it?” For example, I asked exactly that of someone who came to my door campaigning for county commission, and I got the answer I was looking for and I got it with extreme prejudice. Suffice it to say I WILL be voting for this lady next month. Let’s make sure anyone elected to office going forward is firmly against Covid restrictions or mandates of any kind, full stop.

Third, continue to fight them in the courts. There’s a reason why lawfare has typically been a tactic of the left – because it WORKS. Obviously, our side has been doing it to a moderate degree here, but we should continue and ramp things up anywhere and in any situation where masks or vaccines are required. Let the tyrants know they’ll pay a price in court and in legal fees anytime they want to impose their insane hypochondria on normal people.

As is always the case when protecting liberty, eternal vigilance is the key. The time when the enemy seems to be defeated isn’t a time to rest, but to regroup and be ready to fight them on the next front and the next after that. Because when the next Covid wave comes and it will – you can rest assured these lunatics will be back with a whole new round of tyranny to inflict.

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