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Ms. Magnolia

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Dear Ms. Magnolia, I am a young mother with two little boys, ages 4 and 5. They have been with me practically all the time since they were born except when my mother keeps them for short periods of time. Now the 5-year-old has been invited to a spend the night birthday party by our next-door neighbor’s little boy. It will only be three little boys, the parents are friends of ours and very responsible, and we will be right next door. But I am so nervous about letting him go even though he wants to, very much. How do I come to terms with letting my little boys go out into the world with all of its dangers? Reader Dear Reader, Many of us mothers have gone through much the same thing, and we continue to feel that way even when our children are grown. When my children were small, a church friend reminded me that our children are never actually ours. God only lets us borrow them for a while, but they have always been His, even before they were born. They are safer with Him anyway because even under our watchful eyes, children can get hurt or become ill. We just have to remind ourselves that they are God’s children, and He will do what is best for them no matter what. Even if it means having them go through trying circumstances or taking them home to be with Him before we think it is time. Perhaps the best prayer to use as you send them forth is, “This is your child, Father. Thy will be done.”

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