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Vidalia Art Students Participate in Capitol Art Exhibit

Two students from the Art by Gwen art school participated in the Georgia Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibit and had the opportunity to travel to Atlanta to meet Governor Brian Kemp and other state legislators. Young Artists Faith Smith and George Smith have been working with Vidalia art teacher Gwendolyn Davis on a weekly basis to learn techniques and practices in various types of art, such as painting, pastels, and 3-D creations.

The students were chosen by Davis to have their art displayed in the Capitol as part of an annual participation in the Capitol Art Exhibit, which occurs during Youth Art Month. Davis chooses different students each year that she feels have worked hard at their craft and deserved to be recognized.

“I think it is a truly amazing experience for these students to not only have their art displayed, but to be able to interact with these state legislators and have them recognize what these kids do,” Davis commented. “Every year, I choose different kids to be able to experience this honor, and this year, Faith and George stood out in their commitment and work ethic to their art.”

George Smith submitted his music-inspired watercolor piece, while Faith Smith presented her sketch of landscape scenery, which utilized crosssketching and continuous line practices.

“I like that my painting has a lot of color,” George remarked. “Art is really fun and I like being able to use so many colors.”

Faith also spoke on her piece, saying, “I used a lot of patterns in my drawing; I was trying to show Mrs. Gwen all of the different things I have learned.”

Both kids said they hope to continue art throughout the rest of their life, and they are excited to spend a portion of that artistic journey with Davis.

“I am very proud of Faith and George, and I enjoy being able to teach them,” Davis concluded. “Students like them make art fun, because they are so passionate and excited about it.”

MEETING LEGISLATORS – Young Artists Faith Smith and George Smith were able to meet Governor Brian Kemp, Senator Blake Tillery, and Representative Leesa Hagan during their visit to the Capitol Art Exhibit. L to R: Senator Blake Tillery, Faith Smith, George Smith, Governor Brian Kemp, Representative Leesa Hagan.

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