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Wheeler County Advances to the State Forestry Field Day Event

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, the Wheeler County Middle and High School FFA traveled to the Area 4 Forestry Field Day in Dublin, GA. The Forestry Field Day event is made up of ten different contests in which a group of eleven students compete. There were ten junior teams competing at this event as well as nine senior teams. Both the junior and senior high school teams won 1st place, and the middle school team placed 2nd. All three of the teams will advance to the State Forestry Field Day on April 14, 2022. Middle School Team members were Brody Adams- 2nd in Reforestation, Paul Harrelson-2nd in Timber Stand Improvement, Zoey Vann-1st in Cord Volume, Lane Connell-2nd in Board Foot Volume, and MacKenzie Johnson-1st in Compass & Pacing. Rileigh Scott-1st in Land Measurement, Sadey Cravey-1st in Tree Identification, Shelley Conner-2nd in Ocular Estimation, Anna Beth Ethredge- 2nd in Forest Disorders, and Gabby Angel and Laurie Conner-4th in Forest Management.

High School Junior Team members were Steven Garcia-1st in Reforestation, Lauren Humphrey-1st in Timber Stand Improvement, Erin Blankenbiller- 2nd in Cord Volume, Adriel Collins-1st in Board Foot Volume, and Anniya Wright-2nd in Compass & Pacing. Faith Clark-3rd in Land Measurement, Sierra Connell-2nd in Tree Identification, Lindsey Vinson-4th in Ocular Estimation, Marcy Delgado-1st in Forest Disorders, and Maryee-Grace Selph and Marley Palma-1st in Forest Management.

High School Senior Team members were Chase Wooten-1st in Reforestation, Jay Adams-3rd in Timber Stand Improvement, Marlee Veal-1st in Cord Volume, Weston Pickle-2nd in Board Foot Volume, and Caitlin Moore-1st in Compass & Pacing. Lessie Spoon-3rd in Land Measurement, Molly Bridges-2nd in Tree Identification, Haven Griffin-1st in Ocular Estimation, Hannah Moore-2nd in Forest Disorders, and Owen Stokes and Riley Coleman-3rd in Forest Management.

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