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VHS Teacher Receives PAGE Grant

Vidalia High School teacher Jamie Lewis has received a 2022 Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) Educator Grant. Lewis, who received the grant on March 23, used the $500 award to purchase school supplies for students. “With it, I have bought necessary supplies, such as folders, colored pencils, markers, pens, book bags, anything to keep students engaged and focused on our lessons,” Lewis commented. “I co-teach in the science department. There are two teachers in the classroom, and we have to share materials. A lot of times, we don’t necessarily get the amount of supplies we need, so a lot of times we have to spend our own money. Also, a lot of times, students don’t necessarily have school supplies, so I felt like this was a good opportunity for me to provide that for them.”

Lewis, who teaches environmental science, discovered the grant, which was offered only to educators enrolled in PAGE teaching insurance, and quickly applied. She is still unsure of how many total applications there were, but is grateful to have received the monetary help.

In the three years of its existence, the PAGE Educator Grant program has provided more than $275,000 to hundreds of educators throughout Georgia, and enabled recipients to purchase supplies and materials for classrooms, students, and professional development.

“PAGE is honored to support instruction and learning in Georgia’s schools through the educator grants to our members across the state,” said PAGE Executive Director Craig Harper. “These additional resources contribute to all areas of student needs, from academics to the arts to health and wellbeing. The grant applications, more than 1,150 this year alone, demonstrate the deep commitment Georgia educators have for enhancing school and classroom experiences for their students.”

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