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Where’s the juice?

In the fresh hours of yesterday morning the electrical power returned. I like having power or as my north Georgia relations would say “pie-r.” First, I wondered, at a few minutes before three in the morning several days ago, which horse had a case of borobrygmi.

Second, I wondered what happened to the little LED nightlight and the clock radio.

It was mighty dark.

We just did a spate of tree clearing along the lane from the highway to prevent a problem similar to last year's when a tall pine snapped and took out the power lines. We muddled through a week without electricity The place is now littered with adult pines on the ground awaiting removal but that issue is mine to manage.

Today you have to pay a wood yard to come get pine logs on the ground. The day when a lumber company pays for standing trees seems to be gone.

We tended to the rows of pines east of the lane, but the culprit hid on the west side waiting for a chance to snap. It snapped and took out everything that runs through wires.

Until I could get in contact with the power company via their app, we were isolated. It took three days for me to discover an app for the power company and report continued from page

wires on the ground. Getting past the tangle of wires and limbs in the driveway was out of the question. I don't walk around lines on the ground.In 1952 four members of the Chapman family, who lived a mile up the road, were electrocuted by a live wire on the ground.

We do have oil lamps and a gas stove so the situation was not dire but the chicken in the freezer was becoming flexible. It was an opportunity to clean out the pantry. There is a reason why canned goods collect. They are the things we like less such as artichoke hearts. I don't know what to do with those and the Kansas Woman turns green at the thought of canned chili. In reflection, being disconnected was not so bad. I was weaned away from mindless television and finished a book. I found my collection of Joel Chandler Harris and laughed at those stories until I ached. I learned how much I depend upon the Internet.

There has to be a logical reason why pie-r lines are not buried. A falling tree is less likely to hit an underground line and you only have to replace it once.

I need to replace some cans in the pantry.

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