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When I worked at youth camp these boys that thought that money grew on trees and had an endless supply when they were at home would have to give their money to the counselor to keep up with it because this group was too young and would lose their money. So we would go to the canteen twice a day. For the four day camp back then most parents would send say, $15.00 which was a conservative amount. Well, some spend thrift prodigal youngins in this group against my advise would go in the canteen the first day and buy up a load and they wanted a $5.00 tee shirt which was cheap back then. Well in two days all their money was spent out and when canteen time came around they were broke and couldn’t believe it. So they would go to crying where’s my money? You stole my money! The blame game. Even children know it very well, but you see like the good Lord I had kept a record and I would try and show them. Some said, “Ok,” but some were spoiled and were too use to that bottomless bank they had at home. That’s why parents should never give children all they want. They not only create problems for themselves, butalsoforothers. Myattitude is like grandpa’s, “You made em; you raise em!” And by the way God expects the same. So anyway, I did like God and I extended my mercy and those that had spent out like the prodigal son, then I would buy them a coke and a candy bar at each canteen break because we only had two more days and only three had spent out against my good advise to them. They are like a lot of people that are living it up today. Over indulging and not thinking of the consequences. Pay day is coming! The word says in Galations 6:7, that whatsoever we sow we will reap! Can you say amen?


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