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wires on the ground. Getting past the tangle of wires and limbs in the driveway was out of the question. I don't walk around lines on the ground.In 1952 four members of the Chapman family, who lived a mile up the road, were electrocuted by a live wire on the ground.

We do have oil lamps and a gas stove so the situation was not dire but the chicken in the freezer was becoming flexible. It was an opportunity to clean out the pantry. There is a reason why canned goods collect. They are the things we like less such as artichoke hearts. I don't know what to do with those and the Kansas Woman turns green at the thought of canned chili. In reflection, being disconnected was not so bad. I was weaned away from mindless television and finished a book. I found my collection of Joel Chandler Harris and laughed at those stories until I ached. I learned how much I depend upon the Internet.

There has to be a logical reason why pie-r lines are not buried. A falling tree is less likely to hit an underground line and you only have to replace it once.

I need to replace some cans in the pantry.

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