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The Jubalheirs Joyfully Donate to the Dream Center

On February 18, Brewton- Parker College hosted the Jubalheirs Concert Choir in Saliba Chapel. The Jubalheirs is a female chorus for ministers of music, organists, pianists, and others who are involved in the music programs of Baptist churches. Featured also in the concert were the Jubalheirs Handbells, Jubalheirs Vocal Ensemble, and Jubalheirs Instrumental Ensemble.

In 1973 the Jubalheirs were established as a female counterpart to the Sons of Jubal. The Jubalheirs choir partners with churches to help support a local mission project. The impact of the Jubalheirs goes beyond singing, as they regularly engage in mission endeavors that serve those in need. They arrive at their concerts loaded with food items, clothing, art supplies, and various other items to help support the chosen local ministry. The partnership with the Dream Center in Vidalia was chosen for the Jubalheirs’ current service project.

The Dream Center is a residential discipleship program designed to help women 18 years of age and older who have chemical and behavioral addictions. The goal is heart transformations in and through Jesus Christ as the absolute answer and true freedom from addiction and addictive behavior. Over fifty bags of food, cleaning supplies, paper towels, and several other kitchen essentials were gathered and given by The Jubalheirs for the Dream Center.

A partnership that began ten years ago is still strong today. When the Dream Center was first established in 2012, the facility was built, but supplies were still needed to run the program. With the donations received from The Jubalheirs mission project, the program received all the needed supplies to open and aid in the success of The Dream Center. Peggy NeeSmith, Director of the Dream Center, stated, “Ten years ago, I received encouragement that I needed at that time from the donations these women helped provide. Glory to God! And ten years later, they have provided again. Our hearts are full with the love we have received from such precious saints and sisters in the Lord. They have provided living essentials and special notes to help encourage the ladies in our program. We are so grateful for everything that The Jubalheirs have done!”

Assistant Professor of Church Music Dr. David Wilson commented, “This partnership is a true blessing. We are so thankful to have the Jubabliers as Christ-centered women give to such a humble group such as the Dream Center. This act of giving exemplifies what is meant by the term servant leadership.”

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