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RTCA Track At Bulloch

Robert Toombs Christian Academy competed in their second track meet of the season at Bulloch Academy on March 9. Both the Varsity Girls and Boys teams finished 3rd overall and had several personal best times, throws, or jumps. Head Coach Jacob Wilkinson had to say about the meet, 'We still don't have all of our guys and girls out on the track and field yet. However, we're still getting great times, jumps, and throws from our athletes. I'm looking forward to our meet at Brentwood next week. We will get to see what needs to be improved since Brentwood and Augusta Prep will both be there. We will meet these two teams in April at State, so it's good to go ahead and get practice in against them during the season.'


Railee Thomas finished in 1st place in the shot put and was 2nd in the discus. Rachel Threlkeld took 1st place in the pole vault and was 5th in the 300m hurdles. Arlie Gooden finished in 1st in the 400m dash. Mary-Claire Wolfe was 2nd in the pole vault, 3rd in the 300m hurdles, and was 4th in the 100m hurdles. Kylie Acosta was 2nd in the triple jump, 4th in the 100m, and 6th in the high jump. Maddie Joyner was 3rd in the discus, 5th in the 1,600m, and 8th in the shot put. Ellie Graham was 3rd in the 400m, Marlie Dismuke was 3rd in the 100m, Bree Wimberly was 4th in the 800m, and Nicole Acosta was 6th in the 100m. The 4x100m relay of Wolfe, Acosta, Acosta, and Graham placed 1st and the team of Thomas, Gooden, Dismuke, and Threlkeld finished 3rd. The 4x400m relay team of Acosta, Acosta, Gooden, and Graham placed 2nd, and the team of Wimberly, Wolfe, Threlkeld, and Dismuke placed 4th.


Jashaun Powell took 1st place in both the long jump and the triple jump, and he was 2nd in the 100m dash. MK McBride was 1st in the high jump and was 4th in the triple jump. Aaron Hankerson was 2nd in the high jump.

Jackson Newton took 2nd in the 200m dash and was 4th in the 100m. Drew Vaughn finished 3rd in the 800m run and 3rd in the 1,600m run. Tyler Buggs was 3rd in the shot put. Hunter Ennis was 3rd in the 200m. Cameron Hinson took 4th in the discus and was 8th in the shot put. Bishop Lamp finished 5th in the discus and Jayden Toole was 5th in the 400m. The 4x100m relay team of Newton, Ennis, Powell, and Hankerson placed 1st, and the team of Vaughn, Toole, Powell, and Heath placed 7th. The 4x400m relay team of Toole, Powell, Powell, and Heath placed 2nd.

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