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this event in March was the discomfort that came with the gusting winds off the Atlantic Ocean. Weather was a factor in moving the Players Championship to May. Moving the Players back to March allowed the PGA an opportunity to get away from the brutal heat of August when this event was traditionally played.

While the Players Championship is not considered a major, it is more major than the Masters, U. S. Open, British Open and PGA when it comes to the quality of the field and the total prize money paid. It has the best field; it has the biggest purse.

All the Players needs is good weather. No tournament is exempt from ill weather if you think about it. I have seen the rain coming down in sheets in England and Scotland. I have seen fans scared half to death of thunderstorms at the three U. S. based majors. When it comes to fan discomfort, there is nothing like a heat wave in Scotland in July when you have brought over woolens and clothing to deter the low temperatures on a summer day in the land of single malt whiskey.

If the tour players would pour themselves a single malt or a maybe a Guinness or a Diet Coke; then take a seat in their new Lexus and reflect on the existing tour positives, would they not agree that the tour has served them well for many years. Tour players are the beneficiary of the best retirement system of any of the professional organizations.

The projected revenue this year from the tour is $1.55 billion dollars with 58% of that allocated for players. Touring pros have the best possible life plying their trade with the best of competition out there for them with a byproduct of impacting charities and communities to say nothing of doing something good economically for the U. S. of A. Isn’t loyalty important anymore?

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