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completely blown away when she added my anniversary, my husband’s birthday, my two children’s birthdays, not to forget Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Her warm signature of ‘We love you,’ is always a comfort. She has a gift for touching our lives with the small, meaningful things that matter so much in our busy world.”

Another niece, Linda Jarriel Reagor noted, “After my late husband, Jimmy, was diagnosed with dementia, her cards took on an even greater meaning for me. I missed the special feeling I got when Jimmy would remember my birthday and all the other special occasions where cards mean so much. But Aunt Janice’s cards always reminded me to hold onto the memories. Her unfailing thoughtfulness and love truly helped me in those challenging days. Her kind heart is unmatched.”

Her great niece, Les-Lea Jarriel Ellison, of Jacksonville said, “Aunt Janice carries with her the desire that not one of us is to be forgotten. She always remembers us and celebrates life with us.”

Today, most people use Facebook, Instagram, or text messaging to shout out an easy, quick “Happy Birthday” to a loved one, but where’s the personal touch in that? In a world where buying, signing and sending greeting cards has become a lost art, Aunt Janice doesn’t plan to stop sending her cards and messages any time soon, and I, for one, am happy about that. Her gestures mean the world to so many of us.

Her cards — overflowing with love and kindness — are never wasted. May they continue to bless the people who receive them, and may they continue to bless the giver, Janice Jarriel.

So, Happy Birthday, Aunt Janice! We love you, too!

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