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Toombs Commission, Sheriff Laud Jailer’s 30 Years of Service

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The Toombs County Commission and Sheriff Alvie “Junior” Kight recently recognized Jailer Preston McLendon for 30 years of devoted service to the Toombs County Detention Center. McLendon retired as a full-time employee at the end of 2021, but continues as a part-time member of the Jail staff. The recognition was part of the Commission’s regular session on February 1. “When you lose employees like Preston, it hurts,” Sheriff Kight commented on McLendon’s retirement. “I don’t think they make them like him anymore. He’s been with us many years, and has done a great job. He knows every aspect of the jail. He can handle many things at the jail, from managing inmates to managing employees.”

Sheriff Kight continued, “He’s just been a great employee for us, and is a person we hate to lose because when you lose this kind of experience and know how, it’s a tremendous loss. Yet, we understand. You get to that age you want to retire and it’s time. We wish Preston the best in his retirement, and will continue to be happy working with him parttime. Thank you for all you do for us and taking care of these inmates, and thank you for allowing us the privilege of being able to continue to work with you. You are very much appreciated.”

A fter listening to Kight’s kind words, McLendon responded. “When I got out of high school, I went and worked at Oxford of Vidalia. They closed the factory down, and a bunch of women and I cried because we weren’t sure we would ever find another job we would enjoy doing,” he explained. “I had worked at Oxford for 23 years, then I got lucky and came on with the Sheriff to a job that I truly loved more than I loved my job at Oxford.” He concluded, “Thank you, Sheriff, for giving me the opportunity to do a job I love.”

Appointments, Agreements

The Fire Department Automatic Aid Agreement was renewed for four more years between the City of Lyons and Toombs County. This agreement states that the Lyons Fire Department will automatically respond and aid the Toombs County Fire Department with any fire within five miles from the city limits. Also within this agreement, the Toombs County Fire Department agrees to respond and assist with all fire calls within the Lyons city limits. Commissioners also agreed to adjust compensation for sanitation services for AllGreen Services because of the rising cost of diesel fuel. The current contract allows for an up to 6% increase in compensation fees for the fluctuation of fuel. AllGreen Services Owner Sam Sullivan spoke on behalf of the business, sharing that the company needs the increase to be able to effectively serve the county, and thanked the Commission for its understanding.

Having met all requirements needed to do such and being presented with no issues at the public hearing, Commissioners unanimously approved the closure of Raymond Rollison Road.

Yolanda Hernandez and Ann Powell were also reappointed to continue to serve on the Board of Elections.


Commissioners Wendell Dixon and Tommy Rollins shared they have been traveling to study how other areas are conducting business with their landfills. The Commissioners also acknowledged the newly-opened portion of U.S. Highway 1.

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