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Stolen Material Recovered; Two Suspects in Custody

Two men are in custody in Emanuel County following the recovery there of a utility trailer and building materials that were stolen in Toombs County.

Carl Robeson Kelley of Metter and Russell Lee O’Conner of Twin City were charged with multiple offenses following their apprehension by authorities at O’Conner’s residence. A report by the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) revealed that officers responded to call on Monday, February 7, reporting the local theft. After the victims provided the TCSO with surveillance photographs of the vehicle used during the theft, the photos were publicized using Facebook. Shortly thereafter, the Sheriff’s Office received a tip regarding a suspect’s name and location.

TCSO was advised that the truck used in the incident was driven by Kelley and that he was at the O’Conner residence in Twin C i t y . To o m b s County and the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) joined forces to further probe the incident and upon arriving at O’Conner’s house discovered the items reported stolen in Toombs County as well as the truck used in the theft.

As the investigation progressed, law enforcement recovered multiple stolen trailers, ATVs, a truck and other items at the O’Conner residence. At this point, the case was turned over to Emanuel County authorities for further investigation.

Kelley and O’Conner were incarcerated in the Emanuel County Jail, but Kelly will be returned later to Toombs County to face local theft charges. According to a booking report from the ECSO, Kelley was charged with four counts of theft, possession of methamphetamine and a drug-related object. He was also wanted for parole violation.

The ECSO booking report reveals that O’Conner was charged with possession of methamphetamine and a drug-related object, as well as one count of theft.

Carl Robeson Kelley

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